Our Offering

Make use of expert one-to-one online tuition for interactive and effective learning of real estate topics from the comfort of your own space. If online tuition is not your favorite method of learning and you prefer the traditional face-to-face, then you can book in-person sessions with our real estate tutors in London and New York. For those of you who are based in New York or London, we look forward to welcoming you for in-person tuition sessions in real estate. We know that real estate is a technical subject and require the extra care that only a face-to-face meeting may achieve. Our in-person teaching techniques are the same as in the online tuition, so expect a tech savvy environment.

Our tutors are experts in the subjects having taught multiples students attending both undergraduate and postgraduate real estate courses in London such as: the MSc in Real Estate at Cass Business School, courses required for the various qualifications of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), MSc in International Real Estate and Planning at UCL, MSc in Real Estate Economics and Finance at the LSE, the MSc in Real Estate Development at Westminster University and the Real Estate and Planning at the University of Reading.

Our Coverage

Our eclassroom allows you to have real-time, online real estate sessions with your tutor that allows to collaborate via video, voice, text chat, and screen sharing. It enables you to see and hear your tutor. You can have live, in-depth interactions and discussions a live class sessions or meetings and truly connect with your tutor.

You can literally e-meet with your tutor from any location with an internet connection. This means you can attend class sessions or Q&A meetings at the comfort of your own space. You do not need a computer to host or participate in a live session. Using the App, you can access a meeting with your tablet or smartphone.

We know that real estate as a subject may be quite challenging and require the extra care that only a face-to-face meeting may achieve. Our in-person teaching techniques are the same as in the online tuition, so expect a tech savvy environment. Our in-person tutoring sessions take place in our offices in London. We use an inter combination of online tools while teaching in-person.

We provide training in such a way that increases your learning effectiveness. Hence, all of our tutors are extensively trained in how to use our advanced teaching tools. Our tutors in Real Estate are hand-picked from the best universities and are rigorously interviewed. They work with students and professionals at all levels – from beginner to advanced – from all over the world.

We guide you through the completion of your PhD on an ongoing basis on how to apply econometric tools for analysing data effectively as part of your dissertation. Whether your PhD is in Real Estate Economics (REE), development appraisal, or real estate investment market analysis, our tutors are available to assist you with your specialised real estate project. Our level of service commences from guiding you in collating data, constructing datasets, as well as, applying econometric modeling and interpreting your results in line with your overall real estate topic.

A PhD is about knowing your field thoroughly, making a useful contribution, mastering appropriate econometric techniques and knowing their limitations. You should also learn how to communicate in a professional way and make something ‘your own’. By interacting with specialist tutors in the real estate industry, you will get an independent assessment of the quality of your work, allowing you to revisit or rethink certain aspects of your work. Our tutors can also assist you in deciding how and where to publish your research. You can access some of our own publications in real estate journals regarding a hedonic econometric model of real estate demand of the London ultra-prime market

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