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Pure Package luxury diet destined to reveal your inner beach Goddess

The sun is shining, your summer holiday is booked and the sun tan lotion is packed. But amongst all of the excitement is that niggling feeling of dread. The realisation that, at some point in the near future, you will have to grace a poolside wearing nothing but glorified undies.

No matter how much you solemnly swear to let nothing but the odd celery stick pass your lips throughout the whole of May, it never happens. The difficulty of planning a diet around the chaos of day-to-day life can often seem an impossible task. I doubt I’m the only one who has given into that morning pastry one too many times or tried to convince myself that my desktop diet of crisps and processed sandwiches is healthy.

That is where The Pure Package comes in and saves the summer with their easy-to-follow, nutritious and delicious luxury Beach Goddess programme. The programme provides freshly prepared daily meals designed exclusively to get you well on your way to achieving that coveted bikini body. Each morning a stylish bag of the day’s food is delivered to your address of choice, packed full of three whole meals and two snacks to keep you feeling full, satisfied and healthy throughout the day. There’s even chocolate mousse and muffins on the menu!

The food is created by the nutritional experts at The Pure Package, who use delicious and freshly selected vegetables and superfoods from New Covent Garden Market. It is the perfect effortless diet. The food is planned and placed in front of you day after day and you can settle in the knowledge that what you are eating is perfectly balanced and will result in a glorious summer body that you will be dying to flaunt.

Celebrities such as Florence Welch, Denise Van Outen and even Hugh Jackman have opted for The Pure Package and credit the specialised food programme as their secret to looking fabulous. The Pure Package team make you feel at ease and tailor a diet suitable to you. A five-minute call before you start your programme means that the food is tailored around what you like and dislike and rules out any chance of you swapping your bowl of couscous for a bowl of chips.

The Pure Package was launched in 2003 and has a wide range of programmes available to support goals such as general healthy eating, weight loss, energy, training support and pre and post baby nutrition. Prices start from £29.95 per day with full programmes (three meals and two snacks) starting at £35.95 a day. Programmes last up to 90 days. Prices include delivery to all over London. This includes all postcodes falling within the M25 motorway plus a select few around it including: GU25, SL4, SL5 and KT16.

Below is the menu I received while trialling The Pure Package:

Scrambled Eggs on Organic Rye Bread with Roasted Tomato and Chives
Free-range eggs served on organic rye bread. Eggs are a convenient source of protein and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Rye is a low glycaemic grain which will provide a steady release of energy.

Tangerine & Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds contain linoleic acid, a type of essential fat.

Rose Harissa Spiced Butternut & Couscous Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
A rose harissa spiced butternut squash salad served with barley couscous, chickpeas and raspberry vinaigrette on a bed of fresh leaves.

Guacamole & Crudities
Our home-made avocado, tomato and coriander guacamole served with fresh crudities.

Mushrooms & Tarragon with Herbed Polenta
Mixed wild mushrooms stewed in a tarragon, cream and ale sauce served with herbed polenta and fine green beans.

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