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Representing your interests

Through GC Privé Jets you can realise a rewarding management scheme for your private jet with impartial advice from our expert aviation consultants.

You can expect a top-notch service in terms of implementing the aircraft manufacturer’s maintenance programme and addressing the applicable regulatory and strict safety standards.

Furthermore you can create a charter income stream, while achieving lower costs and greater efficiency for your private jet by coordinating a more productive aircraft operation.

Effective cost control

By joining one of our recommended fleet management services you will be able to procure fuel cards from the major global suppliers and fuel brokers whilst benefit from bulk discounts of up to 15% on fuel prices.

You will also benefit from favourable insurance premiums with typical savings of 20% being realised through a fleet management provider.

Finally, you can monitor all income and expenses through an efficient online reporting system and attain peace of mind with a centralised invoice process.