Real Estate | Private Island Ownership

A sound investment opportunity

Owning a private island can be an excellent investment opportunity. Legal requirements can vary greatly for each country and thus being connected to a local expert is of imperative importance. Through our accredited GC Privé Partner Network ™ and our expert realty team we provide intelligent market research and unique off-market opportunities in the global marketplace.

Whether you are considering an island in the exotic Caribbean, the warm waters of the Aegean Archipelago, or a remote tropical isle in the South Pacific, our access to market prospects is unrivaled.

Development Prospects

GC Privé can assist in enhancing the value of your private island’s investment by providing access to carefully selected, globally sourced, development experts.

We cover all stages of the appointment process, from initial screening and market research to evaluating pitches, arranging contractual arrangements and independently monitoring your project’s progress.

Wherever your investment is based, rest assure that we can facilitate your needs with integrity, honesty and transparency on a strict confidential basis.