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Protecting your family

The subject of wealth preservation is an eternally contentious one and no doubt raises more anxiety than any other matter. Although there is no risk-free strategy for securing your wealth and avoiding family conflict, there are steps that you can take to protect, manage and preserve your wealth, providing for you and your family members.

When it comes to preserving family wealth, many focus on quantitative analytics. However, our experience has shown that a family’s unity and values are just as important as investment strategies. At GC Privé we keep in mind not only the family’s capital, but also the factors that keep the family together.

Our Solutions

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Estate Planning

You have spent most of your life building wealth to share with your family and loved ones. Just as you drew on your talents and the help of an advisor to create your wealth or your assets, you must now put plans in place to preserve it. Asset protection is the foundation for an effective estate plan. Many individuals need to create personal asset protection strategies to deal with estate tax or potential third party claims. In addition, assets may subject to claims under family law issues or dependent beneficiary claims under trusts.

Any of these issues can significantly impact your private estate unless you plan ahead. Your circumstances will have unique requirements, so working closely with your advisor to find the most suitable wealth preservation strategies is important. Your planning should include any asset you own, including investments, real estate, automobiles and collections of any description.

wealth structuring
Asset Protection

The recent turmoil on the financial markets shows that structuring and preserving wealth today is a difficult challenge. To preserve your assets in the long term, you have to anticipate changes, manage all kinds of risks and re-examine your investments much more frequently than before.

Whatever area you wish to focus on, our specialists serve as a guide and an “early warning system” for ultra-high net worth individuals and families. Whether you are faced by changes to tax laws or shifts on the capital markets, we will provide you with a joined-up analysis of the risks to which your family wealth is exposed, highlight risks that you are unlikely even to recognize, and advise on how you can manage them effectively.

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Legal Cases

When it comes to complex legal cases, there are numerous instances where significant costs and time delays can occur. When your family’s wealth is at stake, you want to ensure everything is handled with utmost precision. At GC Privé, we support you and your family office in all areas by providing you with an effective legal case management.

Through our global network of leading law practitioners, we make personal introductions and source the most experienced lawyers with verifiable track records for your case type. We closely manage your communication with the lawyer and monitor the outcome of your case to ensure your personal satisfaction is guaranteed.