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Power Breathe K5 – Electronic Breathing Trainer

Feeling out of breath or performance suffering? Power up your breathing muscles with the POWERbreathe K5, the ultimate in breathing training technology. Get instant live feedback on your laptop of each breath you take. It only takes 5 minutes to do 30 breaths twice a day and the unit will automatically calculate a training programme for you to improve your inhaled volume and power of each breath you take.

Manage and store customised training routines utilise specific performance testing parameters via Breathe-Link software. The software is only available from officially appointed resellers to ensure that customers are served by trained K5 personnel. POWERbreathe is drug-free and natural with no side effects or drug interactions.

Proven in over 300 scientific studies and used by Olympic athletes, it is easy to use and in one month your breathing will be supercharged. The POWERbreathe training regime of 30 breaths twice a day typically takes only a few minutes a day, and when used correctly you should start to feel the benefits within just a few weeks. You will feel healthier and whatever sport you partake in your performance will improve.

Get your breathing working to maximum efficiency and everything else will follow on making exercise feel easier. For more information and to purchase, visit


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