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Pöstli Restaurant, Davos


Located in downtown Davos, in the heart of one of Switzerland’s most prestigious ski resorts, Pöstli Restaurant is a luxury fine-dining establishment that specialises in traditional Swiss cuisine.

A commanding setting in a prestigious part of town, the restaurant is based at the luxury hotel Morosani, and is visited throughout the year by the international jet set who come to enjoy an unmatched dinner service.

With high emphasis placed on customer satisfaction, guests can expect a tailored dining experience where all their requirements are professionally catered for. With a menu that is dependable on the season, the restaurant utilises fresh, local ingredients, and ensures that guests only sample the very best cuisine.

Pöstli Restaurant

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Decorated with country house furnishings, Pöstli Restaurant is charming and inviting and offers a refined and spacious dining room, where guests can sample everything from a light Caesar salad with Canadian lobster and mango mousseline, to a veal cutlet with mushrooms, vegetable potpourri, oven potatoes and rosemary sauce. Additionally, sommeliers are on hand to assist guests in choosing the perfect accompaniment to their dish from the extravagantly stocked Pöstli cellar.

In addition, the restaurant also boasts a large bar that compliments the ambience of the formal dining area superbly. The seating area is both cosy and enticing and is the perfect place to enjoy an aperitif, or alternatively, an after-dinner beverage.

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