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Pierre-Gagnaire, Paris


Pierre-Gagnaire is a revolutionary three Michelin star restaurant located in the famous Parisian Hotel Balzac. It upholds an immaculate reputation for creating enchanting French cuisines by Head Chef Pierre Gagnaire.

Head Chef Pierre Gagnaire declared: “I want my restaurant to be a place that feels open, meaning dynamic, living in present, looking to the future but respectful of the past and never losing sight to its objective: to give pleasure through its cuisine, a generous and lively cuisine, which takes risks and as my critics say, occasionally goes overboard. I trust that these people will forgive my over-enthusiasm”


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Pierre-Gagnaire is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Paris, located moments away from the divine Champs Elyseées and the L’Arc de Triomphe. It is one of the highest rated restaurants in France after finishing sixth in the 2006’s restaurants of the world guide. This restaurant takes its diners on a bold and extravagant culinary journey serving the finest French haute cuisines.

Head Chef Pierre Gagnaire brings his culinary talents, described as fine dining’s “Picasso of the Palate”, to this stunning restaurant. The inventive seasonal changing dishes are rich in taste, texture and stamped with a baroque character while vibrantly presented. Pierre-Gagnaire is designed with modern understated wood furniture, bold artwork and soft lighting to create that relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Chef Gagnaire prepares each dish with complexity and innovation including crayfish cooked tempura-style with thin-sliced, flash-seared vegetables and sweet-and-sour sauce; and turbot cooked in a bag and served with fennel and Provençal lemons. Other sublime dishes includes carabinero prawns which are famed for their deep red hue and more robust flavour married with of Madras spices, avocado, piquillo pepper, radish and the citrusy tang of pink grapefruits and bursts of lemon ‘caviar’. A selection of wines is available which complements the cult French cuisines.

Pierre-Gagnaire serves as the finest Parisian restaurant to showcase the artistic culinary techniques of Chef Pierre Gagnaire, providing diners an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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