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Wealth also brings responsibility. That is why many ultra-high net worth individuals and their families believe it is very important to take an active role in society and support people who are less fortunate. Maybe you are already considering setting up a foundation or looking for other ways to make a difference over the long term.

But remember, even when doing good is your top priority, you should also consider the tax, legal and other important elements of your philanthropic endeavours. We will work with you to ensure that your charitable commitment is structured in a way that meets your financial budgeting.

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GC Privé Philanthropy Advisory offers you access to the best philanthropic thinking through dedicated research and offers a global network of platforms in multiple languages where philanthropists can meet to exchange ideas. By capitalising on our extensive experience in altruistic projects we can also provide advice on a range of other forms of capital such as honorary titles, degrees and recognition.

The philanthropic and charitable activity of a family office, while teaching the next generation about the value and responsibility of wealth, also leaves a legacy by ‘doing good’, whether in private or public. Our staff of private foundation experts will guide you every step, so you can easily take advantage of every option to accomplish your charitable goals.

Private foundations help unite families – who may be separated by distance, age, and interests – as they work together toward common philanthropic goals. The foundation can also serve as a training ground to teach values and skills to younger generations. A foundation can exist in perpetuity, attaching the family name to a legacy of giving that endures through the generations.A private foundation is a powerful and flexible philanthropic vehicle. Unlike a donor-advised fund, a private foundation is an independent legal entity over which you retain complete control. You have final say over all foundation operations.

In addition to a wide range of options for philanthropic spending, foundation assets can be used for administrative expenses, including foundation related travel, leasing office space, and paying family members who serve as directors or foundation staff.Whether you’re establishing a new private foundation or have had one for years, your philanthropy can be more effective and efficient when you have a team of experts to support the day-to-day operations of your foundation, assist you with compliance, and nurture your legacy.

The neoclassical view of philanthropy that the “love of what it is to be human” is the essential nature and purpose of humanity, culture and civilization. Nothing can express philanthropy better than a fine piece of art offered to the general public and appreciated for a period of time.

GC Privé in collaboration with our network of art specialists can provide impartial advice on gifting works of art, establishing your own private museum, lending art for exhibitions and creating a legacy to last. Through GC Privé you are connected to a world-class grant-making team who select only the most innovative and impactful art projects, making effective philanthropy as effective as possible.

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