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Pet Interiors and Cat Houses

Intelligent, elegant and agile, cats are fascinating creatures that need lots of mental and physical stimulation – and lots of sleep (about 12 to 18 hours a day). While they love to give and receive affection, they are a little more independent-minded than dogs, a fact reflected in recent research suggesting that, rather than being tamed, they domesticated themselves around 10,000 years ago. All 600 million house cats in the world today are thought to be descended from five female wildcats. Today’s cats may be a little tamer, but they love toys that stimulate their natural hunting instincts.

The classic Rondo’s sleek modern lines, but with a more homely feel. This stylish and cosy version maintains all the usual features; it can house up to 3 cat houses and is designed not to topple over, even with a trio of chunky cats. The removable pillow is made from machine washable wool fleece. The cushion is available in red, cream, graphite, light blue and pea green. 48 x 46 x 80cms.



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