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Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

Christmas is just around the corner.  This holiday is always bringing into picture a perfect atmosphere, magic moments and the joy of giving and receiving presents as an unforgettable experience.

No one wants to leave the process of picking a present to the last minute, especially when the person who is going to receive it is a special one. It requires time, implication and, more importantly, it requires patience. The essential question that should be asked is: what should be chosen as a present in terms of luxury and uniqueness?

For a man, a watch represents not only an instrument of telling the time, but a symbol of power through which his position is determined in society.

One of the most expensive watches that is a masterpiece in terms of art and electronic components, but also a perfect Christmas present is the new Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon, estimated at $1.3 million (£840,000). This specific watch has a yellow gold or solid platinum case that manages to combine two of the most important qualities: effective protection and aesthetic view.

“Sky Moon Tourbillon” has two different faces: a white one and an “astronomical” blue one. The white one can indicate the moon age, the hours and minutes of mean solar time and has gold Roman numerals. The other face displays the apparent movements of the stars, the orbit of the moon and the moon phases.

This particular watch is very complex because it has 686 components, all decorated and assembled by specialists in complete agreement with the Golden Age Genevan tradition. This is the reason why the author makes only two watches of this kind every year.


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