Our Offering

At GC Privé we share our clients’ passions. We do this by working closely together with our clients to realise their every wish, from sourcing rare gemstones to fine wine vintages and classical antiques. Through our accredited global network and unrivalled analytical mindset we are able to source rare and unique passion items in an efficient and diligent manner.

Our clients commemorate us on working on a private and confidential basis and our intelligent services are highly valued.

Our Solutions

Over the years we have cultivated relationships with the finest diamond and gem suppliers all over the world, as well as one-man-bands who constantly scout the globe for the rarest ethically mined gemstones.

Our suppliers and dealers employ strict protocols for the sourcing of gemstones such as correct Kimberley process statements for all diamonds and gemmological certifications.We provide discreet access to the rarest of gemstones including jadeite, red diamonds, serendibite, blue garnet, grandidierite, painite, musgravite, bixbite and black opal.

From contemporary releases to ancient rarities, GC Privé provides access to the global leaders in fine wine. Our suppliers and partners look after en primeur campaigns, rare vintages and special releases, sourcing exceptional wines from the world’s top wine producers.

Services include providing wines that are purely for enjoyment, as well as offering specific, investment grade selections which will appreciate in value over time.Whether you are looking for that final vintage to complete a vertical, a special case to finish off your private collection or simply looking for a reliable supplier for a particular wine, we will be diligently sourcing the stock you need.

GC Privé offers a bespoke service, and with our widespread sourcing, we will be able to meet your personal requests and designs. Crucially, we hold no stock and are therefore able to provide impartial, independent advice across the entire marketplace of antiques and collectibles.

Our contacts with dealers, private collectors, auction houses and other sources have been utilised for the benefit of our esteemed clients. This provides us with a deep insight into the market enabling us to become aware of the finest of items across a diverse range of fields, sometimes even before they come to market.

Owning a heritage vehicle can prove a valuable investment as well as providing a distinctive style to your collection. We are an indispensable source by your side for intelligent market research. Through our exclusive network of heritage vehicle partners and suppliers we can identify off-market opportunities and capture favourable market prospects.

Furthermore, we can assist in purchasing your heritage vehicle by following through the transaction from start to finish. Our valuation experts ensure that your fleet of heritage vehicles is at the optimum level of collectible value and prestige. We can assist sourcing genuine replacement parts and prepare your vehicles for achieving their full potential through highly sought-after global auctions.