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Olive Bar and Kitchen, Mumbai


Due to its eclectic nature, the Olive Bar and Kitchen has become something of a landmark. The ambience of the restaurant transforms from day to day, ensuring a unique experience every time it is visited.

The restaurant is a beautiful space that encapsulates the rustic aura of the Mediterranean countryside, and offers a corpus of fine cuisine and wines that become the highlight of the dining experience.

Olive Bar and Kitchen

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The menu, described as progressive world cuisine, reflects the creative pairing of flavours and textures that the Mediterranean is renown for. The beautiful cellar that boasts a grand array of classic and contemporary wines from across the world, allows each delicacy to be complimented perfectly.

The relaxing Mediterranean hum that surrounds the restaurant turns into an exciting energy every Thursday as the Olive Bar and Kitchen’s signature bar night begins, but by Saturday the hum resumes once more to celebrate the decadent dishes that are enjoyed by all guests who visit.

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