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Navedano, Lake Como


Situated in an exquisite 19th-century villa and surrounded by a beautiful garden oasis, this conservatory restaurant is the only one of its kind in the whole of Italy. Navedano is a hidden gem; its antique charm and beautiful rustic aura are qualities that the Casartelli family have treasured for four generations.

The restaurant is adorned with fresh flowers, so guests can feel like they are dining with nature. As picturesque venue, it that allows guests to experience the beautiful rural quality that Italy has to offer.


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The refined menu that consists of signature Italian dishes, each with a rustic embellishment, is accompanied by a superb wine selection, chosen by expert sommeliers, and containing the finest wines from Italy and around the globe. For a truly memorable experience in one of the most aesthetically pleasing venues that Como has to offer, Navedano is the perfect choice.

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