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Mykonos is the nightlife capital of Greece attracting celebrity partygoers and elite individuals to its exclusive venues and immaculate sandy beaches in amongst the deceptively quaint Mediterranean style architecture on this radiant island jewel.

Mykonos has an important place in Greek mythological lore. It was on the island that Zeus and his fellow gods battled and vanquished the Titans to secure safety for the human race.

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Greek Mythological Lore & Relax and Let Off Steam

Although the majority of the high-flying individuals that frequent Mykonos are there to relax and let off steam there is also an interesting cultural side to this ancient island. The most famous of Mykonos’s cultural venues are the 16th century Venetian windmills that face north on a hill overlooking Mykonos Town. The windmills can be seen from every point of this village, which is also the focal point of the island, and conversely you get spectacular view of the picturesque town from the location of the windmills.

Mykonos is overflowing with flawless sandy beaches and is home to many that have become famous worldwide. Paradise beach is the centre point for the hard partying elite and is lined with beach clubs and bars. Here like-minded individuals dance all day and all night whilst indulging in all kinds of debaucherous activities.Mykonos has an important place in Greek mythological lore. It was on the island that Zeus and his fellow gods battled and vanquished the Titans to secure safety for the human race. The island became known as Mykonos to honor Apollo’s grandson Mykons. Its proximity to the religious centre of Delos ensured that it was a thriving trading port and stopover for those travelling to the Greek mainland.

Mykonos was renowned even in ancient times for its beauty and was a vacation home for the aristocratic elite of the city of Delos. Mykonos never lost its charm and natural beauty; however, it was only relatively recently that Mykonos became the thriving hub of the international elite. It has since became a global destination for those seeking the finest things in life, whether that is gourmet fine dining or lounging on one of its famous beaches Mykonos has it all.

International Destination for Elite Partyers

An international destination for elite partyers, almost every bar and nightclub on the island caters specifically to the high end of the nightlife scene. Astra is one of the most popular and intriguing venues that can be found on the beautiful island of Mykonos. The eclectic club that hosts the most elite local and international guests is a sight to behold. Designed by the world renowned jeweler Minas, the appropriately named club boasts a sparkling fibre-optic ceiling that mirrors the northern hemispheres night sky, and provides a rhythmic spectacle that represents the stars and constellations.

A reputed source listed Caprice Bar as one of the top ten best bars in the world, and all who go there will wholeheartedly agree. An alluring interior complements the wild afternoons and evenings that take place in this fashionable nightlife landmark. Caprice’s specialty cocktails and ice shots are enjoyed by Mykonos’s trendy crowd well into the early hours of the morning, it is recommended that you enjoy one of these fine drinks whilst watching the sunrise.

People come from all over the world to revel in Cavo Paradiso. Known as the nightclub to go to for late night partying, Cavo Paradiso is located in a secluded beach of the island and blasts the latest hits and most famous DJs from around the world. VIP tables surround the pool of this great club and provide excellent people watching whilst you dance the night away.

Guzel in Mykonos Town is a magnet to discerning clientele and is one of the finest nightlife venues on the island. Go Go dancers and house music lend an unmistakably vibrant atmosphere to this renowned bar and provide excellent entertainment to all its esteemed guests. Located in the heart of Mykonos Town this magnificent bar assures a good time to all who visit.

Eclectic Collection of Fine Dining Options

Mykonos has an eclectic collection of fine dining options that include the globally renowned brand of chef Matsuhisa Nobu as well as more traditional Greek options.Interni, remains the most enduring value of the "island of winds" when it comes to gastronomy high requirements. The most beautiful garden in Matogiannia is inspired and designed by renowned designer Paola Navone, combined with a personal touch from owner Nikos Varveris. This is an ideal destination for dinner & drinks in the heart of the island, set against the Cycladic sky. The long presence of Interni restaurant on the same site, ensures their culinary creations, food and service are all excellent.

Nammos is the haunt of the celebrities and successful individuals. Here the food is good and the crowd is glamorous. Often referred to as ‘the best beach restaurant in Europe’ Nammos is set right on the beautiful golden sandy beach of Psarou protected from the wind. On top of all of this the cuisine in Nammos is exceptional and regarded as some of the best on the island.

With its opening in the summer of 2004, Nobu’s exciting food finally made its way to the beautiful island of Mykonos, at the Belvedere hotel. Nobu felt it would be the perfect opportunity as well as the ideal setting, to introduce his signature dishes to the a la carte menu at Matsuhisa Mykonos in Chora (whereby ingredients flow in fresh daily), in addition to daily specials featuring outstanding fish and sea food sourced from the Aegean.

Upper Echelons of Luxury

Mykonos’s unique luxury hotels are undeniably Mediterranean in character. Taking advantage of the island's natural beauty these hotels occupy the upper echelons of the luxury hotel category. Through the stone walled gates of Belvedere, you walk into an impossibly charming bougainvillea clad courtyard. Entering the design hotel lobby, you soon discover the understated elegance, design genius and rich history that have established the Belvedere as a truly iconic luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos. Inspired by the Aegean Sea and the "Mykonian white", each one of the eight different room types features aquamarine accents, sloping walnut closets with sophisticated storage space, hand-cut marble mosaics and ‘crystal-ice' marble floorings.

Cavo Tagoo has succeeded in being a cosmopolitan luxury suites hotel and a destination for seekers of unique and relaxing experiences from all over the world. Cavo Tagoo strives to be a canvas upon which visitors can color their island dreams. The outstanding, friendly service and carefully crafted luxury that customers enjoy are elements that achieve perfection for a relaxing stay in Mykonos.

Nestled in the cosmopolitan island, discovered by jet setters, are the island bungalows and private villas of Mykonos Blu luxury hotel, thoughtfully designed to reflect the cubist lines of the Cyclades. Set on a low bluff overlooking the world-famous beach at Psarou, this dream luxury hotel in Mykonos floats on the edge of an Aegean fantasy, just like the unique infinity pool that seems to hover in the air.

In harmony with its awesome setting rises Mykonos Grand. The Mykonos Grand luxury beach resort was inspirationally conceived to capture the essence of the surrounding natural wonders and welcome guests with world-class luxury. The Mykonos Grand Luxury Hotel & Suites offers the perfect setting for rare moments of romance, adventure, excitement and memories to last a lifetime.

Santa Marina has a delightfully private setting on a secluded peninsula, just 3km from Mykonos town. 101 Contemporary designed rooms and suites with marble or mosaic finished bathrooms offer stunning sea views from private balconies. Santa Marina's 11 luxury Villas in Mykonos, boast butler services with private infinity pools and panoramic views of neighboring islands and the Aegean Sea. Santa Marina’s very popular and unique feature is the exclusive sandy beach, with 150 meters of silky sand touching crystal blue waters.

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