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As the home of India’s luxury lifestyle venues, it is no wonder that more millionaires and Bollywood stars have chosen to take up residence in Mumbai than any other Indian city.

Mumbai’s glorious history is engraved most prominently in the magnificent Victorian buildings of the Fort Area.

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World’s Rising Star & Vibrant Centre for Performing Arts

Mumbai’s glorious history is engraved most prominently in the magnificent Victorian buildings of the Fort Area. Providing a brilliant overview of Mumbai’s rich heritage as well as ancient Indian and Far-Eastern history is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. The museum itself is a magnificent Grade I Heritage Building and is regarded as one of India’s finest museums, displaying over 50,000 permanent and temporary exhibits which focus predominantly on ancient art, archaeology and natural history.

At the centre of what was Imperial Bombay, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, or Victoria Terminus, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautifully intricate examples of Gothic architecture found anywhere in the world. Designed by British architect F.W Stevens and inspired by the traditional design elements of an Indian palace, the Terminus is a stunning emblem of the union of Western and Indian architectural styles and cultures, and there is no greater symbol of the wealth and panache with which nineteenth century Bombay was built.

Mumbai is a particularly vibrant centre for traditional performing arts, attracting the best classical dancers and musicians in India. Mumbai is a glamorous location for Bollywood film making as well as an exciting hub for the world’s best cricket league. The National Centre for Performing Arts is globally recognised as one of Asia’s foremost performing arts venues and holds frequent concerts and recitals across all major classical, traditional and contemporary performing arts including dance, theatre and music. With five modern theatres, a photography gallery and extensive archival and library facilities, there is no better place in which to absorb the creative cultural flair of Mumbai.

Cricket is the most prolific sport in Mumbai with the Indian cricket season running from October through to February. The Wankhede Stadium is where major test matches are hosted, amid an incredible atmosphere as electrifying for visiting teams as any in India.

A Dazzling Display of Nightlife

Mumbai is the jewel of India’s nightlife, with a dazzling display of bars and clubs vying to catch the attention of the Bollywood stars when darkness falls. Located on the roof of the Four Seasons Hotel, Aer Lounge is the highest lounge in Mumbai, renowned for its ambience and its spectacular panoramic views. The lounge is kept energised by nightly sets of upbeat jazz, funk, house and club music and provides the perfect romantic setting beneath a ceiling of twinkling stars and infinite sky.

Tryst Mumbai is an ultra modern club with an international feel boasting India’s first interactive LED lighting system which expresses reactions to human voices and beat synchronization through sixteen-million psychedelic colours. When you are not dancing to upbeat music amidst the blanket of high-tech lights, you can sit back and relax in one of Tryst’s luxurious private enclosures, where a personal butler will be on hand to keep the cocktails flowing throughout the night.

A Fusion of World Flavours

Mumbai may be the master Indian cuisine, yet it also fuses flavours from around the world to encompass an eclectic gamut of gastronomic possibilities. Renowned as one of the finest dining destinations in Mumbai, Hakkasan ’s interior design elements include dark-stained English oak screens and latticing with stunning back-lit blue glass surrounding the restaurant. At Hakkasan you can enjoy an extensive range of vegetarian dishes alongside signature dishes in a remarkable contemporary space.

For a sensory dining experience in an exotic setting, Koh By Ian Kittichai features ‘high Thai’ cuisine created with intricacy to appeal to the Indian palate. Using the finest ingredients from around the world, each dish is exquisite in both taste and presentation.

The Olive Bar and Kitchen is something of a landmark in Mumbai; a versatile rustic hideaway that encapsulates a perfect atmosphere whether you visit for a lively bar night or a relaxed Sunday brunch. The menu is best defined as progressive Mediterranean world cuisine and is just as surprising as it is delicious.

Also at the Taj Mahal, Wasabi restaurant offers fine Japanese cuisine from the repertoires of Iron Chef Morimoto. The menu is constantly refreshed with new dishes and every ingredient is flown in from Japan to guarantee you the most authentic Japanese dining experience.

Specialising in exemplary seafood and exquisite meat dishes, The Zodiac Grill at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is one of the most famous European restaurants in India. The restaurant frequently entertains the upper echelons of Indian high society with its refined fine dining menu and exceptional choice of wine, making it the ideal place to celebrate special occasions.

Majestic Luxury Hotels

Renowned for luxury and opulence on a majestic scale, Mumbai’s top hotels are palaces fit for kings. Oberoi Mumbai is located in Mumbai’s prime business and shopping district, and its state-of-the-art business centre makes it ideal for business stays. Overlooking the ocean, the hotel exudes an essence of space and serenity, and with its redesign a rejuvenated sense of grandeur. The Oberoi is the ultimate destination for contemporary style and luxury in the city.

The Taj Mahal Palace is the most elegant and iconic hotel in Mumbai with guests from past and present including Kings, maharajas and countless distinguished celebrities. Panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the Gateway of India provide an enchanting backdrop to the captivating history of the Taj Mahal, in which every room in the hotel is a treasure-trove of fascinating, invaluable memorabilia from the past.

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