The Monaco Grand Prix is considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world

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Notorious for its extremely tight corners, the track is renowned for producing some of the greatest examples of formula one driving, with intricate manoeuvring needed in place of high speed.

We offer a unique, tailor-made experience for Monaco Grand Prix at Circuit de Monaco on 21-24 May 2016. Our hospitality team is available 24/7 to provide an exceptional level of service for this event, as well as catering for the finest options in Monte-Carlo entertainment, accommodation, close protection and transportation needs.

Circuit de Monaco
Avenue de la Madone, 98000 , Monte-Carlo

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Located between Hótel de Paris and Café de Paris, opposite the Casino, Tribune B offers guests the ultimate position in which to enjoy the Grand Prix. With reserved seats and large television facilities, the elevated section provides a great vantage point in which to view the cars entering the Casino Square, before accelerating downhill towards Avenue des Spélugues.

A truly unique and outstanding racetrack in a country renowned for its high levels of luxurious hospitality, the Circuit de Monaco, recently voted top of the “Seven Sporting Wonders of the World”, is a fantastic location in which to enjoy a spectacular Grand Prix.

“We are dedicated in maintaining the highest level of protection and privacy for our discerning clientele”
“We work with Monte-Carlo’s finest establishments and source handpicked hidden gems for your stay”
“Our clients are global jet-setters who are looking for privacy, discretion and ease of access”
“We appreciate our clients' idiosyncrasy, and thus we offer a tailor-made entertainment program in Monte-Carlo”

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