Grand Touch Aston Martin Phone is the second phone released by Mobiado as part of their Aston Martin collection.

The body of this mobile phone is constructed from solid aircraft aluminum meticulously CNC machined and anodized to create smooth and elegant hard surface for the exterior body.

The surfaces of the bodies are created with curves to straight line edges, a process that can only be executed with the precision of CNC machining.

The battery cover is made from a single piece of sapphire crystal with a unique hidden sliding mechanism. The screws are gun metal black stainless steel and the buttons are black painted sapphire crystal.

It has been designed in five variations, each one incorporated with mother of pearl (MOP) or ebony wood insets.

The five different editions include black with black MOP, black with gold MOP, silver with white MOP, yellow gold with ebony wood, and rose gold with ebony wood.

Both gold models have been CNC machined from solid brass and plated with yellow or rose gold to add luxurious touch of its appearance.

Source: Tuvie