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Mercedes Benz Coremum AMG


Sporty sleek and stylish. Is the entire characteristic the Mercedes Benz Coremum AMG holds. At a quick glance it’s a merge between the classic Porches 911 and the Mazda RX8. The shape of the rear is similar to the 911, and the air inlets as well as the slit headlights comparable to the RX8.

The Interior of the car is designed by Masonry master craftsmen who make sure to use leather which is extremely durable yet exceptionally soft. Real carbon applications are set in different compartments on the interior such as the dashboard and steering wheel completes the luxurious overall impression of the Coremum.

The exterior design of the car is also undertaken by Masonry who starts off by shredding 90kg of weight from the automobile, with that making it lighter means for of course a faster car but also a more eco-friendly one as well. Kourosh Mansory’s team optimises almost the entire car body and even replaces the roof and gull-wing doors with ultra-light designs, which were developed in-house.

Wheels that are provided by Michelin, Mansory’s partner allow a tough product and with thanks to new suspension and shock absorbers centre of gravity which is lower than the basic model meaning for the exclusively forged wheels to be emphasized much more.

There hasn’t been any news around the price or the release of the Mercedes Benz Coremum however it’s sure to be around the corner.

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Mansory Design GmbH
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