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Massimo Restaurant and Oyster Bar: Redefining the boundaries of luxury dining


Located just minutes away from the heart of the West End, Massimo Restaurant and Oyster Bar is redefining the boundaries of luxury dining, making your dining experience exciting as well as deliciously satisfying.

Presided over by chef Massimo Riccioli, perhaps designer would be a more appropriate title for the man who has made it his personal mission to bring luxury, flavoursome cuisine to the people of London.

Massimo Restaurant and Oyster Bar

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Having designed each and every dish on the menu personally, Massimo is throws his heart and soul into the food he makes, meaning patrons have the joy of experiencing food made with absolute care and attention using the very best in sustainable ingredients. Predominantly concerned with bringing great Mediterranean seafood to the English shores, including oysters, shellfish and lobster, Massimo believes in sourcing as much of the ingredients locally and so you can be assured that every dish is of the highest quality before it is even assembled. Local produce is then complimented through the use of seasonal ingredients creating a unique and sumptuous meal. If seafood doesn’t take your fancy, the restaurant also provides antipasti, pasta and meat dishes, so there really is something for everyone. Before your meal, why not try one of a cocktail at the chic Oyster bar, and prolong the luxury for that little bit longer?

The stunning design of the restaurant only emphasises the luxurious nature of your dining experience. Acclaimed interior designer David Collins worked to create a rich and inviting environment through the use of subtle colouring and soft fabrics which create a feeling of grandeur without feeling imposing and allows diners to enjoy their meals in the utmost comfort. Your meal at the Massimo Restaurant really becomes more than that, you will end your evening feeling have had an experience. Massimo doesn’t just cook food, he believes in the art of hospitality and works hard to ensure that each and every guest at the restaurant is welcomed warmly leaving them completely relaxed to enjoy their meal.

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