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Punta Ala – Sapphire blue waters and golden beaches

A superyacht enclave, Punta Ala is an exclusive Tuscan destination for your charter. Boasting a wide range of sporting activities in the marina and on land to try your hand at, there is something to keep everyone busy. The Medici family planted a lot of history in Punta Ala which is a must see on your stop over, The Castello de Punta Ala was built to defend against pirates and houses rich histories. The Hidalgo tower too offers spectacular views over the modern town, a perfect spot for some of the most picturesque views of your luxury yacht charter.

The local yacht club host’s infamous sailing regattas, which attract groups of elitist enthusiasts from all over, this, makes for a great day out with a vibrant atmosphere. It really does provide an opportunity to see a competitive regatta possessing great skill and sportsmanship.