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Porto Cristo, A Quiet Charm

Porto Cristo is in no way a primarily visited attraction in Mallorca, in fact, it is a quiet resort that tries to encourage worldly visitors. Two of the main sites to see are the Coves del Drach and the Coves dels Hams. The name Porto Cristo means ‘The Port of Christ’ given to it in 1260 AD. Legend has it that an Oxen was carrying an icon of God through the town and the Oxen suddenly stopped, refusing to walk any further. Hence the people saw it as a sign and that is how the name was given to it.

What sets Porto Cristo apart from other Balearic resorts is that it still maintains its Spanish fishing village features. This is a quiet town perfect for a stroll along the main front or a romantic getaway while navigating your yacht along the peaceful sea. It maintains a reputation as one of the safest holiday spots on the island and on of the best yachting destinations.