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Palermo – The Sicilian Capital

Palermo possesses ancient and modern aspects, the sprawling city isn’t afraid to overwhelm you entirely. The noise illustrates the pace of life here, whizzing by, it’s easy to get lost amongst the various winding streets or to get swept up into the local feverous energy. But it is also easy to find serenity in the baroque inspired Santa Caterina. Inside this marvel, rich frescoes permeate the ceiling décor spilling down the walls in floral ornate patterns. This is just one example of the rich medley that Palermo offers, byzantine palaces, Norman buildings and medieval castles.

Visit Palermo’s grandest hotel, the Hilton Villa Igiea, admire the design influences from architect Ernesto Basile and reminisce on your luxury yacht charter whilst sitting on the sun drenched terrace bar overlooking the entire port and marina. Marvel over the town bursting with history at its very seems as you enjoy one of Sicily’s proudest inventions, cannoll. These deep fried ricotta filled cones are said to be the best you will have ever tasted right here in Palermo when sailing aboard your superyacht charter.