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Naples – Hustle, bustle and a whole lot of character

Naples is a passionate city, unpredictable and reputable yes, but culturally redolent and prospering on its history. A great place to start your luxury yacht charter. Bustling streets, flapping laundry, whizzing vespers and raucous locals illustrate and immerse you in the zeal of modern day Italy. Where better to acquaint your taste buds with the Italian cuisine that the home of numerous signature dishes.

Culturally, Naples has come to be the capital of European opera, testimony to the operatic pilgrimage to San Carlo Opera House, performances written by the ‘Big Five’- Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini, Verdi and Puccini frequent the programmes, so you’ll be sure to catch something sensational. An art enthusiast’s stomping ground also, Naples showcases a diverse artistic portfolio, from the ancient museum Capodimonte to the museum of contemporary art to complement your luxury yacht charter experience.