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Kaprije – An elitarian yachting

The island of Kaprije has a tiny population of just 143, and has a ‘no cars allowed’ rule, which makes it the perfect escape for luxury yacht charterers who are looking for a quiet yachting itinerary. But although this island lacks cosmopolitan attractions, it certainly compensates in its pride, nobility and hospitality.

Visually, Kaprije is a feast, with rolling hills carpeted in velvet grass, contrasted with the jewel like sea. Those interested in cuisine will meet only the finest and freshest produce on the island, with its main industries including cultivation of grapes and olives, and fishing.

The port of Kaprije has developed a reputation of offering a safe and pleasant berth for superyachts, whose yachtsmen can explore the unspoilt coves of the island, or simply unwind in the beautiful port.