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An Epic Odyssey of Superyacht Passion in Divine Greece

An Epic Greek Odyssey

Greece is the cradle of Western civilization and the Greek people are rightly proud of that heritage, preserving the ruins of ancient Greece for yachting guests to marvel at their architectural expertise.

Greece is one of the most popular yachting destinations in Europe and it is easy to see why; the warm beaches and crystal-clear water blending with the traditional white of the islands in the background obviously make it a favourite, but that is not all.

Yachting visitors to Greece can expect to see a wide range of culturally and historically significant sites, and almost every inch of Greek soil is the location of a fascinating piece of history or mythology. The Greek islands offer all this, as well as the freedom, beauty and the ultimate luxury of privacy of the open sea.

There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of luxury yacht charter permutations in this beautiful Archipelago. Our team of expert yacht brokers are available at your disposal to customise this yacht charter and offer you the unparallel luxury experience to tailor-make your own itinerary around the magnificent Greek islands.

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10 Days in Cyclades, Begin Your Greek Odyssey

This 10-day charter yachting is our favourite itinerary which offers a fantastic opportunity to take in all the varied sights and experiences of the beautiful Cyclades. You can see the wonders of ancient Greece in Athens, Delos, and Sounion; you than then sail way and party the night in cosmopolitan Mykonos and romantic Santorini; and you can recharge in Ios, Kea and Kithnos while on board your luxury yacht.

Of course you can also just spend 10 days of yachting in the archipelago appreciating the sun, sand and sea that have made these islands holiday hotspots! Yachts have great entertainment ranging from jet skis, like the advanced watercrafts Sea Doo, to bananas, SCUBA and fishing equipment.

The Cyclades are a truly magnificent collection of islands, and this 10 day yacht charter trip will give yacht travellers a great introduction to some of the best of the 56 islands which make up the beautiful archipelago.

Your Sample Yachting Itinerary in Greek Islands
  • Day 1: Athens to Sounion (45 miles)
  • Day 2: Sounion to Kea (15 miles)
  • Day 3: Kea to Mykonos and Delos (50 miles)
  • Day 4: Mykonos to Paros (26 miles)
  • Day 5: Paros to Ios (20 miles)
  • Day 6: Ios to Santorini (25miles)
  • Day 7: Santorini to Sifnos (50 miles)
  • Day 8: Sifnos to Serifos and Kithnos (35 miles)
  • Day 9: Kithnos to Aegina (52 miles)
  • Day 10: Aegina to Athens (15 miles)

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