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Ercole – Discover the histories in the hillsides

It is here in Porto Ercole that you can feast your eyes and senses upon the most spectacular view of Tuscan landscapes. Ercole has an important history as a defence against the region of Monte Argentatio, it has managed to retain its medieval character whilst evolving into a luxurious hotspot, a perfect destination for your luxury yacht charter.

There are many hidden gems in Ercole, which act as constant reminders of the town’s turbulent history. In the hillside you will see mystifying fortresses and the remains of such dating back to the 15th century. Now museums, these fortresses now tell the story of Ercole as they house ancient remnants and spectacles of the maritime village. The most notable forts to visit however are the 16th century Forte Santa Caterina and Forte Filippo.

The Giardino Corsini is an oasis in Ercole, the botanical garden showcases exotic, tropical and native plants. Stroll through the meticulously manicured groups whilst soaking up the soothing afternoon sun while navigating your luxury superyacht.