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Larnaca, Gateway to Cyprus

Larnaca is one of the main cities on the island of Cyprus, and its significance as one of the island’s major port town means it is packed with historical and cultural sites to enthral visitors. It offers an important marina service for superyachts while travelling around the island of Cyprus.

Larnaca’s significance for the superyacht traveller is the existence of the private and VIP terminal at Larnaca’s International Airport, which is offered exclusively to private aircraft passengers and Head of States. It is therefore common for luxury yacht charter travellers in Cyprus to arrive at the VIP terminal at Larnaca’s International Airport through a private jet charter and commence their yachting adventure in the island of Cyprus from the port of Larnaca.

A luxury yacht charter in Larnaca offers an opportunity for visitors to indulge in the heritage and history of the ancient town of Larnaca. The city is famous for its relics of early Christianity, particularly the catacombs and the magnificent Church of Lazarus.

These fascinating buildings dot the townscape, integrated perfectly within a bustling city of cafés, restaurants, bars and tavernas as well as cultural venues such as art galleries and museums; meaning that it is possible to spend a day exploring the sights while simultaneously enjoying all the luxury that this town has to offer to yacht travellers and superyacht explorers.