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Mayreau – Volcanic Spa

Mayreau is the smallest island of the archipelago of Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, with a surface area around of four square kilometres long. The population is gathered in the village of Old Wall, located on the top of a hill. As well as luxury restaurants, it offers a great panorama on the rest of the island.

Super yacht travellers with an eye on their well-being will appreciate the seaside resort situated on Saltwhistle Bay. The centre provides all luxury accommodations and is available for massages and spas. Nothing more relaxing than enjoying the attention facing the turquoise sea.

Angling enthusiasts will particularly enjoy transparent waters and the multitude of tropical fishes. Local inhabitants will be pleased to help in any chosen activities; their hospitality is legendary. They also sell handicrafts – superyacht charterers will notice the quality of the items.