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Canouan – Between forests and mountains

Originally named “Hairon” by the first inhabitants of the island – the India of the Caribbean, Canouan is a treasure of plants and vegetation. Forests and mountainous areas dominate, offering great views to privileged super yacht travellers.

Bicultural because of successive invasions by the French and English, Canouan provides high strandards of accommodation. The major city is Charlestown, where a break is necessary to those who wish to taste the local fare.

The Golf of Canouan, created by Jim Fazio, is seen as the most beautiful of the Antilles and offers a great break from travelling to super yacht sport enthusiasts. Scuba diving also stands as an option with coral barriers among the most beautiful of the world.

The tropical climate and the velvety breeze encourages relaxation. Yacht travellers can also simply enjoy the panorama from the dock, a cocktail in hand and charming company all around.