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Amalfi – A lively coastline hotspot

Arguably the most popular town on the coast, Amalifi town, once a maritime superpower, rests in a stunning narrow cove. Meandering alleyways lead up into the mountains, most notably a 62 stepped staircase climbs from the main piazza to the Cloister of Paradise. The stairs are embellished in mosaics that prompt great appraisal, and gives only a taster of inside the basilica, famed for its 18th century baroque restoration.

Gentle terrain awaits those who enjoy a gentle stroll, routes are a plenty with numerous vantage points overlooking the coastline. When you have worked up a thirst, relax with a glass of Limoncello in your luxury superyacht, a popular liquor produced in the area famous for the cultivation of lemons during your yachting experience.