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Luxury Shisha Hire Service in London, by GC Privé Concierge

Spoil your guests with the traditional delight of Shishas provided in outmost luxury with our bespoke Shisha hire service in London.

A brand new concept to provide you with the finest luxury shisha hire service within the London area. For more information on prices and availability contact us at


Shisha used today

In today’s modern culture shisha is now popular worldwide providing an exotic and trendy essence to any occasion. The modern shisha is used by fixing a metal pipe to a glass bottle which is filled with water.  A ceramic bowl filled with molasses and fruit tobacco topped with foil is then positioned on top ready to be used.    In order to burn the tobacco hot coals are then placed on top of the foil.  The smoke is filtered through water and drawn through a long flexible pipe.



The word shisha originates from the Persian word ‘shishe’, which means ‘glass’.  The origin is thought to be Indian, however the design was alot more primitive as it was made from coconut shells.  When shisha made it’s way to the Persian kingdom, it’s popularity became embedded into the culture and remains to this day.  However, it wasn’t until around 500 years ago when shisha made it’s way to Turkey that the design became elegant and elaborate.  Intricate paintings, brass, glass and mosaics turned shisha into an ornamental and decorative piece.



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