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Bespoke jet charter

GC Privé Jets works closely with worldwide leading aircraft operators and service providers to provide an exceptional luxury charter experience for our clients.

Choose from over 5,000 airports and destinations worldwide (some of which are only available to private routes) and let our expert team take care of all the details.

On the day of your flight you can expect to board and fly in as little as 10 minutes’ time.

Empty legs market

Empty legs refer to the unsold segments on a private jet. For example, a private jet is chartered one-way from Paris to Dubai and then the plane must be repositioned to London for its next chartered job.

The segment from Dubai to London is known as an “empty leg” as there is no paying customer on the flight. These non-revenue generating flights come at a steep discount – up to 60% off the normal jet charter prices.

Moreover, the customer has the added benefit and flexibility of selecting a departure date and time, within a designated window.

Tailor-made arrangements

Our concierge experts working in tantrum with our specialist aircraft operators can provide bespoke travel itineraries, booking arrangements and chauffeur services at your destination.

Whether you are looking for last minute hotel and restaurant reservations, guidance and advice in unfamiliar territories as well as worldwide luxury events, you can count on GC Privé for realising all your bespoke requirements.