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Lotus Originals: A new store inspired by its luxury sport-cars and racing history

Lotus is now so much more than just a sports car manufacturer after celebrating the opening of its new London store.

The well-known British brand moved into 52 Regent Street last month and is aiming to take on Ferrari and Porsche in the competitive realms of merchandising with its range of Lotus Originals.

Launched in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show, the collection can be separated into 3 categories.

Originals appeals to a younger audience as well as proud Lotus owners with easy-to-wear and relaxing clothes made of wool, cotton and cashmere. As the name suggests, the Heritage line takes a retrospective look back at the glorious 60s and 70s and comes complete with vintage styles to add a more sophisticated touch. Finally for all the sportsmen and women out there, the Performance collection stocks rain-jackets and polo-shirts perfect for outdoor wear and active days out.

But for a brand whose fan-base included James Dean and Steve McQueen, the clothing is remarkably understated and minimalistic. Lotus is keen to point out in its philosophy that less is more; believing whole-heartedly that things perform better if they are lighter, sleeker and free.

However in a slight transgression away from this theory, there is a rather ostentatious show in the new London store. One of the company’s finest F1 cars is suspended from the roof and an Exige S is parked inside for all to see. With speeds of 170mph and a high-performance V6 engine, the latter is one of their most recognisable models after a new version was announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year.

This new London store marks the expansion of Lotus Originals since it already serves customers as far and wide as Monaco and China. Not only will it be a certain stop for any Lotus enthusiast but it will also appeal to those who just have an interest in luxury leisure items and Britain’s rich motor heritage.


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