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Lido di Lenno, Lake Como


Located on the picturesque Lake Como, Lido di Lenno is a multi-faceted venue. A serene restaurant and beach cafe by day and a vibrant and exciting night club by night. Lido di Lenno boasts stunning views of Lake Como that provide the backdrop for the spectacular evening that the venue provides.

Lake Como attracts elite jet setters from all over the globe. It is known internationally as one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world and the venues that frame it conserve that. Lido di Lenno is no exception, with a rustic interior that compliments the beauty that surrounds it, finished with a contemporary flourish that charms its cosmopolitan clientele.

Lido di Lenno

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Offering a diverse range of themed nights from Latin American themed to 80s themed, Lido di Lenno caters for all tastes, and with an array of delicious cocktails to accompany, guests can design their own evening. Whether guests choose to dine, dance, discover the exquisite views or divulge in the relaxing atmosphere of the beach, Lido di Lenno is the perfect host.

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