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L’Effervescence, Nice


Situated discreetly on the rue de la Loge, not far from Place Rossetti and Place Saint-François, is Vieux Nice’s first champagne bar, L’Effervescence. Owned by Julien Bosio-Icart, a connoisseur in champagne and French cuisine, the nightclub blends elegance and comfort in its seated bar area and cozy downstairs basement.

With a modest capacity, L’Effervescence offers an exclusive nightclub experience, where customers can expect an intimate level of service throughout the night.


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The name L’Effervescence, which translates as “bubbles”, or “liveliness”, refers to the nightclubs bountiful selection of thirty-eight champagnes, as well as the general positive demeanor of the establishment.

L’Effervescence is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Nice city centre, and offers a unique and refined ambience, in place of the traditional nightclub atmosphere.

In addition to the extensive array of champagne: oysters, foie gras, salmon, and other gourmet tapas, is available as the perfect supplement to your drink. If champagne is not for your liking, a wide selection of cocktails, wines and other spirit-based beverages are also available.

L’Effervescence offers and relaxed and sophisticated experience, where conversation is encouraged, and customer needs met. Advice is readily available upon ordering, and service is tailored to the preference of the individual.

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