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Le souvenir commence avec la cicatrice, by Françoise Fredj Weill

Marks’, the exhibition of new luxurious pieces by French artist/designer Françoise Fredj Weill opens in London next week, running until November 2nd. The title of the exhibition “Marks” is inspired by the quote “Le souvenir commence avec la cicatrice” (Alain). The large table with feathers (shown on the above illustration), suggests the idea of a deep open mark, but one difficult to decipher.

Weill’s line of furniture, Collect-xion, started in 2003 in Paris. Experimental in her use of materials, and not confined by convention, Weill’s work is a furniture/art crossover that she likes to call ‘Art Decoratif’.

An exclusive private viewing of the exhibition can be arranged for for GC Privé Members (bespoke and exquisite) upon request.


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