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Le Pré Catelan, Paris


Le Pré Catelan is situated deep within the Bois de Boulogne, an intimate forest found on the fringes of the Paris “proper”. This glamorous restaurant is housed in an elegant Napoleon III lodge, upholding the feelings of past times and an oasis of calm in the city of Paris.

It is also part of Lenôtre, France’s premiere catering company, founded by one of France’s foremost pâtissiers, Gaston Lenôtre. The jewel of Lenôtre takes its name from Louis XVI’s hunting captain Théophile Catelan.

Le Pré Catelan

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Le Pré Catelan is a situated in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne, where this spectacular setting dates back to a Napoleon III pavilion. The extraordinary and Michelin star Chef Frédéric Anton, boasts an exquisite flavoursome French cuisine with rich, rustic dishes. The versatile talent of Chef Frédéric Anton, once right-hand man to the great Robuchon, creates dishes teasing with vibrant flavours and aromas.

Dishes include poached egg with truffled tarlet, lamb’s brain salad with saffron spice, cuttlefish and squid dressed with black ink and pig’s cheek full of spices. Le Pré Catelan serves stunning wines which are selected by the World’s Best Sommelier 2000, Oliver Poussier. Chrystelle Brua delivers simply magical desserts with classic dishes such as Paris-Brest, bitter chocolate tart and pears Belle-Hélène. Le Pré Catelan truly provides diners with a Parisian fine dining experience.

The restaurant oozes a majestic and elegant feel through the sophisticated architecture. The dining room glistens with the touch of the sprinkling spotlights on the fifty-foot high ceiling, grey silk curtains and quadruple-decker chandelier suspended dominates in the centre. The decor is modern with stylish dining rooms warmed by a crackling fire. Le Pré Catelan possesses enchanting attributes waiting to conquer the hearts and palates of all diners.

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