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Le Park 45


Headed by highly commended chef Sebastien Broda, Le Park 45 embodies the spirit of inventive cuisine, presenting a variety of light and creative Mediterranean dishes.

Le Park 45 overlooks beautiful gardens near La Croisette, and is set amongst the elegant decor of Le Grand Hotel.

Surrounded by its sharp, minimalist decor, the diner is immersed into a world of culinary originality; classical Mediterranean dishes are given imaginative twists, such as the deconstructed ‘tomato mozzarella’.

Le Park 45

  • Le Park 45
  • +44 207 590 3022

Behind the success of this celebrated restaurant – which has been awarded a Michelin star – is Sebastien Broda, a young and energetic chef who has experience in many of Cannes’ top restaurants. Diners are sure to enjoy his unique speciality: a sardine mousse with lime, topped with flaked curried crab meat and a wine emulsion. The Mediterranean inspired menu is frequently developed to ensure quality and choice, but whatever the menu, Le Park 45 is sure to offer a light, surprising, and delectable evening.

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