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Le Hameau Albert 1er, Chamonix


The Hameau Albert 1er is situated in beautiful Chamonix, boasting not only superb facilities and fantastic Alpine views, but also a range of luxury accommodation catering for every need.

Offering a wide variety of rooms and suites, the hotel has accommodation to suit all tastes. Traditional, wood lined chalets separate from the main building make for the perfect Alpine getaway, whilst chicly decorated rooms provide the ultimate modern luxuries in the heart of the isolated setting. The hotel is equipped with a large sun-facing terrace and glorious panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Located at the heart of the Alps, Hameau Albert 1er guarantees a great ski season.

Le Hameau Albert 1er

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The Albert 1er restaurant offers fine dining and exceptional service just a stone’s throw from guests’ suites, perfect to enjoy gourmet food on one’s doorstep. Wine amateurs can discover a variety of vintage wines and champagnes at the Quartz Bar, also serving an extensive range of cocktails and traditional liquors. The bar has a great atmosphere and features chic, modern works from both local artists and established names.

Le Hameau Albert 1er also features fantastic spa Le Bachel, boasting a range of body treatments including massages, perfect for rampant skiers. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzi and steam rooms are also available for use, resulting in a spa visit to suit everybody.

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