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Le Grenier and Le Chalet d’Adrien, Verbier


Set within the illustrious Le Chalet d’Adrien Hotel with its picture-postcard scenery, the Le Grenier establishment serves a mix of French, Italian and Swiss cuisine.

Amongst an innovative menu at the gastronomic Le Grenier, the Brasérade; a flank steak cooked on a braséro, has become a signature dish favoured amongst patrons due to its succulent flavour and delicious aroma.

Le Grenier at Le Chalet d’Adrien is a restaurant of tradition. With specialities such as Italian-style fresh pasta and risotto, and locally sources meats, as well as ingredients such as cheeses from Bruson and the Val de Bagnes, Chef Mirto Marchesi honours the nostalgia and flavours of his grandmother’s cooking.

Le Grenier

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The chef and his team at Le Grenier believe in exalting the natural taste of each product without in any way altering them, and for this reason the mouth-watering, large portions served at La Grenier are considered gourmet wonders. For those looking to indulge their sweet tooth, the extensive dessert menu includes wafers, pancakes and soufflés, as well as seasonal fruit tarts made with apricots, quinces and strawberries, making it a mouth-watering dining experience.

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