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Le Chabichou, Courchevel


At two Michelin star restaurant Le Chabichou, diners are spoilt for choice even before ordering with a variety of menus offered. Each presents course after course of culinary genius devised by Chefs Rochedy and Buron.

Renowned around Courchevel for its refined cuisine, guests from around the world are treated to exemplary service and a wine list perfectly complementing the quality of the dishes created.

Le Chabichou

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A 4* luxury hotel in itself, Le Chabichou is home to its restaurant that has held two Michelin stars since 1984. Michel Rochedy and Stéphane Buron’s menu combines traditional cuisine with modern flavours to yield a variety of magnificent fusion dishes. Creations include venison served with liquorice-chocolate sauce and marrow and lobster with honey vinaigrette, tempura batter and apple. The divine food is complemented by the setting, with a choice of seating on the terrace, the elegant dining room or in the kitchens where diners are able to witness the chefs at work.

The originality of the menu speaks volumes, maintaining the excellent reputation of the restaurant. Diners are intrigued and charmed by the ensembles produced in one of the finest eateries in the Courchevel resort. Outside catering and cooking lessons are on offer as well, enabling visitors to either take a break from the slopes or bring back some of the magic from Le Chabichou’s kitchen. Le Chabotté, the sister bistro, is also amongst one of the popular in Courchevel. Guests can enjoy live entertainment all year round, as well as dining in a more relaxed environment, injecting fun into the fine surroundings.

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