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Le Baron, Paris


Le Baron is an exclusively private nightclub, which bursted into the Parisian scene in 2004 by artist André Saraiva. It has now become one of the most notorious nightlife destinations in Paris. This VIP nightclub has welcomed Paris’ elite and stylish crowds into its vintage sanctuary, lined with chic retro furnishings, perfect for guests to simply dance the night away.

The style Baron was born, a style that offers an unusual mix of music, a mixture between avant-garde electronic music and classic rock internationally. The “clubbers” are the true identity of the club.

Le Baron

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The concept of Le Baron is centered around the romance and opulence of Parisian vintage, and this stunning nightclub greatly depcits this immaculate interior. The colour scheme is dominated by deep reds where leather sofas and suttle candles are lined to create a soothing ambience. Le Baron is designed with stylish Saigon lounge sofas, red velvets and intimate spacing near the DJ booth. Music ranges from electro, house, hip hop to 70’s – 90’s, playing nonstop throughout the exclusive night. Le Baron has been an unstoppable VIP destination since its launch; attracting couture icons and celebrities from all over the world.

Le Baron used to be an upmarket brothel however in modern terms the atmosphere is nothing short of simply hip and chic, with a capacity of 150 guests. Surprisingly the mood is warm where staff, DJs, bounders and bartenders are incredibly friendly and welcoming. An absolute treat is the Le Baron’s signature cocktail “Le Baron”, filled with an irresistible blend of strawberries, vodka and champagne. Le Baron is most definitely the club to experience the luxurious Parisian nightlife.

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