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L’Astrance, Paris


L’Astrance restaurant is Chef Pascal Barbot and Chef Christophe Rohat’s duel masterpiece in French culinary with an influence in asian flavours.

The relaxed yet cosy restaurant offers a “surprise menu” where diners can dictate their menu preferences and wait to be served unknown, eccentric and light-hearted Parisian dishes.

Leading Parisian critic, Bénédict Beaugé, stated L’Astrance was “the most important gastronomic event” of all time.


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L’Astrance is a three Michelin star restaurant located in the stunning city of Paris and is amongst the top 50 restaurants in the world. Its reputation is undeniably impeccable yet truly unique. Chef Barbot and Chef Rohat deliver a cuisine inspired by classical French recipes but combined with a graceful blend of oriental flavours. Pascal Barbot is a young and talented chef who impressively went from one Michelin star to three Michelin star in under seven years. His bountiful creativity and willingness to push Parisian culinary is clearly evident in his impressive cuisines served at L’Astrance.

The restaurant upholds a unique concept where there is no traditional menu, instead diners are expected to select the number of courses desired and the Michelin Chefs will prepare their “surprise dishes”. The sense of mystery filled in the air truly sets L’Astrance apart from any other restaurant. Chef Barbot is extremely well-travelled and this reflects in his cuisine, which gives diners a gastronomic tour. Dishes are filled with a sense mystery as diners are clueless with what to expect; however cuisnes are surprisingly light, colourful and beautifully presented.

Some “surprise dishes” include a blend of revolutionary creations such as succulent caramelised cod sat on julienne yellow and orange carrot, roasted peanut and fennel salad partnered by a deft duxelle of papaya and mango. Another divine dish is lobster and iodised oyster with cabbage and zumo (which is Japanese seaweed) with infusions of citrus and spices.

L’Astrance is famous for introducing innovative ways to experience new foods in the stunning city of Paris. Diners will surely not be disappointed with the combination of impressive culinary techniques, top quality ingredients and flavoursome dishes. Furthermore, the excitement and buzz in the air surrounding the unknown aspect of their cuisine enriches the entire dining experience. The ambience is minimalistic with only 26 seats available, which intensifies the contemporary feel. Therefore, if you are seeking something a little imaginative, L’Astrance is definitely the restaurant to go.

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