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Lamborghini Avendator J Roadster – Hitting New Extremes


The term ‘Lamborghini’ has long since been a byword for luxury, speed and affluence, and its new model, the Aventador J Roadster, in its sleek racy red convertible form, has sent more than a few pulses into overdrive at the Geneva Motor Show where it is currently on display.

The closest mortal thing to the Batman Automobile – literally; as the ‘J’ (as it has been nicknamed) will be making an appearance as Bruce Wayne’s hottest new ride in the summer 2012 release of the franchise), the car boasts the same 700-p 6.5-liter 12-cylinder that powers the regular Aventador, mimicking a 700 horsepower effect, but that is where the similarities to its predecessor ends.

Arguably the most notable thing about the J is the two-seat sport-bike effect that its company has propagated, and, in order to achieve maximum speed (it is capable of reaching a staggering 300kph and beyond) a few things have been done.

Premiering a new carbon fiber fabric christened the ‘Carbonskin’ that is soft enough to be used on the seats and interior trim, the fabric is used perhaps more productively in the bumpers of the car to increase downforce.

And in case you were still looking for a thrill, Lamborghini have completely done away with the roof and windshield, using small wind deflectors instead in its place. The importance of the seat belt and helmet has never been more profound.

However, its legions of fans across the world might just have to put paid to their fantasies and be content with salivating over the supercar from afar, as it has been the only known model built and has already been sold to an anonymous collector for the eye-watering price of $2.75 million.

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