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La Potiniere


‘Plus qu’un restaurant’, La Potiniere du Palais has been serving exquisite cuisine since 1948, during which time it has seen custom from European icons such as Pablo Picasso, Maurice Chevalier, Raimu and Rosala Hightower.

Originally a tea salon, La Potiniere rapidly developed into a restaurant serving haute cuisine, thanks to its self imposed standards of quality.

The restaurant is located near the Palais de Festivales, where its diners can relax whilst enjoying beautiful views of the sea, or just watching the people go by.

La Potiniere

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The chef has a taste for classics – something that is reflected in the simple French cuisine displayed on the restaurant’s small but carefully chosen menu. The venue has become a hot spot thanks to its sunny and pleasant ambience, enchanced by its Art Nouveau features. This restaurant marries classic French tastes, warm ambience and good service to create the iconic French charm.

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