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La Casa Sin Nombre: Billionaire’s exclusive Palm Beach property

Although Palm Beach is just 14 miles long, it is nevertheless packed full of high-end shops, exceptional leisure facilities and luxury real estate. Making the most of this is ‘La Casa Sin Nombre’, a stunning 4-acre property situated on 89 Middle Road.

Surrounded by the Everglades Golf Course, ocean-front and internationally renowned shopping street Worth Avenue, this house could really be in no better location. It consists of two spacious living areas aptly named the Ocean House and Garden House as well as three smaller abodes which could conveniently be used by the staff or guests. With all these separate buildings, it seems as if you have your very own exclusive park at your disposal.

You’d expect nothing less from a property assembled by the late billionaire John Kluge. Kluge formed the Metromedia brand which encompassed seven television stations as well as countless other radio outlets .In 1967 he was also the proud owner of the Harlem Globetrotters Basketball team- all contributing to his immense wealth and impressive status as ‘the richest man in the USA’ from 1989-91.

‘La Casa Sin Nombre’ successfully retains a sense of his grand and affluent lifestyle. The older Ocean House, built in 1921, is blessed with privileged views of the glittering blue ocean and looks out onto the property’s tropical garden. The expansive green lawns with a reflecting pool and fountain are a particular highlight and are beautifully landscaped in order to take full advantage of the property’s enviable location.

The buyer will also be the lucky owner of not just 10 bedrooms, but also multiple living rooms, formal dining areas and libraries in each of the two main houses. Interiors are unsurprisingly perfectly furnished and seem to embrace a variety of international styles including Mediterranean décor, Cuban-tile floors and the British Colonial look of the Garden House.

All contribute to the property’s continental and vibrant feel, making each room distinct and unique. The heavenly scenery and sheer size of the property really makes this a stunning haven on Florida’s East Coast and it is currently advertised on Christie’s International Real Estate for $59 million (£37 million).


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