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La Cabane des Praz, Chamonix


Situated in the Chamonix Valley, La Cabane des Praz juxtaposes with the classic Mont Blanc wooden lodge exterior with a modern and pristine interior. The lodge offers an assortment of French cuisine and an array of aperitifs. It boasts awesome views of the Mont Blanc, sporting a sunny terrace with both cosy interior and relaxed atmosphere.

The restaurant is perfect for all; from those desiring a small bite to eat, to diners settling down for a three course meal. Whether visitors require an intimate meal or a business lunch, La Cabane des Praz is flexible and accommodating.

La Cabane des Praz

  • La Cabane des Praz
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The restaurant focuses upon the highest standard of fish and grilled meats, choosing to source produce as locally as possible to ensure a delicious and eco-friendly dining experience. The staff are attentive to guests’ every needs, seating larger or private parties as necessary. From a starter of Scallops and “Bio” King Prawns”, Risotto of Red Quinoa, Saffron Sauce with Cockles, to a two person main meal of Côte de Boeuf served with Potato Gratin and Vegetables, this wood cabin is the perfect environment to sample rustic, French cuisine. La Cabane des Praz boasts a great location, as Chamonix Les Praz, is accessible throughout the valley. The 18-hole golf course offers impressive views to accompany either a simple drink or an evening meal.

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