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Koh by Ian Kittichai, Mumbai


Koh by Ian Kittichai graces the shores of India as the first signature Thai restaurant, and can be found in Mumbai. Koh, created and heavily influenced by the widely celebrated Chef Ian Kittichai, presents traditional Thai cuisine that is perfectly blended with contemporary international styling to create an au courant fusion unique to the restaurant.

Koh, situated at the Intercontinental Marine Drive Hotel, invites guests to enjoy an unrivaled dining experience within the elegant and exotic nature of the restaurant.

Koh by Ian Kittichai

  • Koh by Ian Kittichai
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  • +91 22 3987 9999

An amalgamation of traditional Thai decor accompanied with a smooth minimalist ambience creates an aesthetically pleasing space that beautifully blends the calm nature of the Thai culture with modernity. The international dining concept that forms the backdrop to the restaurant allows guests to indulge in the Thai cuisine whilst traveling, and accompanied with the exquisite service that the restaurant provides makes for a truly exceptional experience.

Koh is a restaurant that celebrates the senses, but is also a restaurant that regards emotion as just as important as the tastes, sights, fragrances and feelings that surround it, ultimately leaving guests with a distinguished dining sensation.

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