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Kinoshita, São Paulo


Serving São Paulo with delectable Japanese delights for over 30 years, Kinoshita is a long-standing pillar of the city’s fine dining scene. Traditional delicate flavours are teamed with bold spices to result in a menu full of surprises, entertaining the palates of locals and tourists alike.

Traditional style ‘Kappo’ cuisine makes for an authentic dining experience where there is a strong interaction between the chefs and customers. Ask to sit at the sushi bar to see the kitchen in full swing as your chosen delicacies are prepared in front of you.


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Diners are offered either a traditional menu or the more adventurous can opt for specially prepared dishes on a seven course tasting menu which changes daily, taking advantage of the season’s produce. This is the way to eat ‘Kappo’ style, which was born of Japanese master chefs introducing new techniques to the ancient way of Japanese cooking. The mouth-watering à la carte includes miso-marinated teriyaki ribs, salmon sashimi with white truffle and scallops served with a Kinoshita ‘leche de tigre’. Vegetarian options are also extensive so every guest is taken care of.

Sake is an integral component of the Japanese culture so naturally features heavily on the drinks menu. The restaurant stocks exclusively imported brands that are stored at the optimum temperature and humidity to ensure guests enjoy the ultimate sake experience. Sample a Daiginjo sake, increasing in popularity in Japan. This variety is more fragrant and treats the drinker to an aromatic, soft finish.

Kinoshita also houses one of the world’s five highly exclusive Krug rooms. The superb cuisine is deemed to be a suitable complement to the champagne and this room, complete with ‘Geisha’ service, is available for parties between six and 20 in size. Reserve this area to guarantee an exceptional meal. Previous features in Time Out, Bazar and Vogue have allowed the restaurant to gain global recognition; so for an elegant taste of the east in São Paulo’s metropolis, look no further than Kinoshita.

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